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November Challenge

For this month's challenge I've selected the theme of 'Clichés', or more specifically, Star Trek chicles.

We all know and love Star Trek, but over the course of four decades there have been certain scenarios that have arisen so many times that they've become well known Star Trek clichés.

I'd like participants to select an established Star Trek cliche and use it as the basis for their story - perhaps have a little fun with it, turn it on its head, whatever you like!

I've included a few of the more obvious examples below, courtesy of Ex Astris Scientia.

Reset button.

Holodeck safeties.

Insane admirals.

Transporter malfunction.

Functional ancient technology.

Lost Earth colonies.

Only one survivor.

Now for the science bit...

* 10,000 words or less.
* Original piece of work
* Closing time is midnight at the end of this month.
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