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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

Speculation: Physical paper-->biological observer brain--to--Electronic viewing medium--->biological observer brain---to---interactive electronic viewing medium--->more engaged biological user brain--to--immersive, virtual experience medium---biological brain--too--totally AI immersive experience--->biological brain, electronically enhanced, information interactive--to--totally immersive, completely interactive or self generated information/story--either virtual or with real life consructs, ie "holodeck" like with potentially nano-constructed foglet tech.

So the experience goes from processing words, to acting out the words, to becoming the words, the technology brings the experience closer. So ultimately, if you can have your uploaded AI brain in a computer "cloud" and your still human-derived brain craves entertainment, think up an adventure, your foglet/electronic system makes it so. Science fiction becomes the medium. Question is, will such an advanced human AI create science fiction stories? Will it always speculate on things far beyond their time? Will it explore endless permutations of modern technological possibilities?
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