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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

Joss Whedon - let him play with the Marvel universe and his own original projects; I don't want him getting sidetracked and pulled into SW
JJ Abrams - I want him available to focus on Trek XIII
Peter Jackson - his Hobbit trilogy will keep him pretty occupied; there's no way he'd be able to take the reigns on Episode 7 in time for the proposed 2015 release date; otherwise I would think that he would make for a great choice
Christopher Nolan - love this guy, but I'd rather see him do some more original stuff than get sucked into rejuvenating another big franchise
Ridley Scott - meh; was ultimately disappointed with "Prometheus"; I think his career is winding down
David Yates - while I really enjoyed his four HP films, I haven't seen anything else by him. I am not sure if he'd be a top contender.
Brad Bird - Hmm.... perhaps....
Frank Darabont - He hasn't directed anything on this scale before; it doesn't mean he couldn't pull it off, but I am not sure I would choose him, either
Matthew Vaughn - would certainly be willing to see what he could offer
Bryan Singer - did a great job with his two "X-Men" installments but fumbled with "Superman Returns"; would be willing to give him another shot
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