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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
I think that both resurrection storys were handled with skill, competence and respect, and I don't feel it's fair or indeed valid to complain.
I disagree, I don't care how well its written. Resurrections and reset buttons are cheap plot devices that sucks any lasting meaning out of Star Trek no matter what justification.

I mean for god's sake DC Comics used Blackest Night to try to put an end to resurrecting super heroes in their books. If a comic book company which uses something a lot tends to see continuing to use it as a bad thing sound't that tell you something.

It's not a reset button.
If he's dead at one point, and then alive a t another its a reset plain and simple, it doesn't matter if the authors use some contrived horrible cost, or try to make it ambiguous. You're still mashing the reset button.

It doesn't undermine what's come before.
Yes, it does things have changed since they were gone and new characters where introduced, characters have even moved on with their lives. How is it emotionally healthy in the slightest to begin the grieving process only to have it interrupted because said character comes back.

Both returns will please those readers who wanted the characters back while, on the whole, not offending or annoying those who wanted (unofficially at least) a no-resurrection policy.
WRONG! I am very much annoyed by Treklit's lack of the necessary back bone to make major changes and stick with them. I feels like a bait and switch where I think Star Trek is actually changing with the times and staying relevant but in reality they just go back to the same stuff that helped to kill it in the first place.

I also don't like that with Janeway I character I actually liked (Eden) was tossed out for a character I don't care that much about (Janeway). I mean its worse in that its just another way Janeway get out of the consequences of her actions.

And with Data, I don't like his character arc being arbitraily reset for whatever reason, Just like how i don't like Indistinguishabe From Magic being reset into oblivion for the same reason.

They're good compromises that don't sacrifice any of the plots' capacity to be strong and worthwhile stories.
And here's my problem this whole its a good compromise crap.


Either you kepp a dead character dead or you don't bother killing them in the first place No if, ands, or buts about it.

One is a sign or promoting maturity an a nice amount of realism in Star Trek which are important to making people other than its declining fanbase interested in it.

There other caters to a myth about trek and is soething that really needs to be droped from it unless you want it to go fro Science-Fiction, to Science Fantasy

Data's return isn't a reset.
If he goes from a state of death to a state of living it sure as hell is.

That makes me want to sigh, but I'm okay with it because both "return" novels were handled so well.
It should matter how well something is written if its something you disagree with you shouldn't be okay with it, and should be able to say so.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I sympathize. My view is that resurrection as a plot device is overused, but as with any trope, there can be exceptions, cases where it works and is worthwhile. And by luck of the draw, we've gotten two such exceptions in the course of a few months. Just think of it as a statistical fluke.
I disagree, I think its a cheap gimmick that sucks the realism out wherever its used and takes away from the consequences of a characters action.

In fact this is one of the reaons I'm glde J.J. Abrams is running the franchise now, becuase he's so far gotten rid of it, and the rest button.

and I don't buy Janeway's resurrection being an exception to the ressurections suck rule, especially since I liked Eden way more than Janeway.

I also don't like that yet again Janeway gets out of the consequences of her hubris, I don't like designated heros who are also karmic houdinis.

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