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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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Look for Bynum to start slow with the Sixers (he always does) but I think he will end up having a monster season.
Well, he is injured :
I know. I meant after he comes back from the injury. It might also be compounded somewhat by having to learn a new system. He might not start to really get rolling until January. But I still think he is highly motivated this season -- stuff to prove and all -- and will have a great season.

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What the heck is wrong with Howard?
Nothing. He is still working his way back into basketball shape after the long layoff. He wasn't able to work out normally this past summer at all. He was in foul trouble last night against the Clips. Against the Blazers a couple of nights earlier he had 33 and 14.

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Yes, the Thunder still wants to be. Harden wasn't going to stay. He'd have become a restricted free agent and the Thunder would have gotten nothing for him. The salary he was demanding would have put the Thunder waaaaay over the luxury tax. Presti isn't willing to do that. He made an offer that would have already put them over the limit; Harden turned it down. $55 million wasn't enough and that was as high as Presti was willing to go. They'd been negotiation for 3 months.
Umm, and of such decisions are championships won and lost. No doubt -- the Thunder made the right economic decision, but was it the right basketball decision? Harden was a special player for the Thunder. It wasn't just his scoring, it was the way he scored -- getting to the cup against double teams and shot blocking centers. And not only would he get the basket, he'd also get the demoralizing "and 1". Harden was also a "starter" for this team. He was a player who helped define who the young Thunder were. Trading a player like this can sometimes do more damage than what is seen in the stat columns. Think; the Celts trade of Perkins to the Thunder. Ironic, huh.

The Thunder's going to be fine.
Oh yes, absolutely. They still have a great young core plus a year of experience deep in the playoffs -- but "being fine" isn't the goal, is it? The question is, can they win a championship as currently constructed and without Harden.
Presti isn't willing to mortgage the future; that's always been his business model and he sticks to it. Time will tell if it was the right decision, but Harden wasn't going to score 45 points a game with the Thunder because he wouldn't have been starting.
Again, if the goal is giving yourself "wiggle room" for the future and not "mortgaging the future" then the Thunder made the right move, but the question is, when it comes to winning a championship this -- did this move help them.
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