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Why do the Andorian antennae move in ENT but not in TOS? Is that a genetic change, too?
There's a huge difference between upgrading makeup and what happened with the Klingons, which were essentially replaced with a totally different race called Klingons. They looked different, they sounded different, they dressed differently and they acted differently.

The sneaky villainous way the Klingons acted in TOS is another thing "Affliction"/"Divergence" dealt with (albeit breifly). One of the infected said she felt real fear for the first time in her life, that she felt she'd become something other than a Klingon. That human DNA is what made the TOS-era Klingons act so differently to the honour-obsessed bumpyheads of ENT/TNG/DS9/VOY.
The look and dress can be dismissed as entirely cosmetic.

As for the sound and behavior, when people try to explain human cultural differences in terms of genetics, we regard them as racist, because only practitioners of pseudoscience do that. Humanity has a variety of cultures with conflicting governing philosophies and moral codes. Why should extraterrestrial species have uniform cultures?
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