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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Okay, I just finished, and here are some of my thoughts:

1. The Tzenkethi-I like how well-developed they are here, and how we learn about their ranks. (Which David R. George III also addressed). Interesting how they have this letter-grading system. Haha.

2. Spies-Another poster on here compared this segment to Duane's "The Romulan Way", and that's actually a pretty good analogy, not just because of the spy plot, but because of how much insight we get on the homeworld.

3. Beverly Crusher- It's really nice to finally see her shine! I always kinda felt she never really got the chance to be the central character in the novels as of late, so it was good to have her as the speaker.

It was great to have Ezri shine as well, I liked her better here than in Zero Sum Game. I did feel that Peter Alden was a little underdeveloped and there wasn't really any point to him.
On a more positive note, I did love the parallels between this novel and the Cold War, well done, Una McCormack. Well done.

I rate "Above Average".
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