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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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If I ruled the world, or at least America, I would simply roll the cost of the tip into the food and pay waiters a decent wage.
This gives me an interesting idea. If/when I ever open my own restaurant, I wonder if a successful experiment would be to pay the servers based on commission. Advertise that tips aren't necessary, and that servers work on commission. Raise the price of all the food by 15% or so, and don't put a "tip" column on the receipt. All prices would already be "gratuity inclusive".

Servers would get 15% of everything they sold. Would this encourage servers to upsell? Would this encourage patrons to frequent the establishment knowing that their bill would be a no-nonsense affair?

If patrons felt that the server did an amazing job, they'd certainly be more than welcome to leave a few extra bucks on the table.

Seems like a worthwhile experiment, at least.
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