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Re: Who should have been killed in Nemesis? (Not Stuart Baird please)

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I was curious about something regarding the much discussed movie, Star Trek Nemesis. Forgive me for my assumption if I am wrong, but the vibe that I get is that most of us here think the Data death was a bad thing, or at the least, was poorly executed for many reasons, one of which being the presence of B-4. I loved the message that it sent in regards to Data in his quest to be more human by making the ultimate sacrifice. My question is this...if you could change a few things, who would you rather have seen killed off on "A Generation's Final Journey?" (other than Wesley Crusher of course. ) I'm asking this question in spite of not having an opinion myself, but I really do enjoy the discussions even if I have no opinion as of yet.
All of them should have died.

The Enterprise should have hit an asteroid while Troi was driving at warp 9.
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