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Re: Fringe 5x05 - "And Origin Story" (Discussion, Spoilers!)

I watched a vid earlier in the week of the cast talking about how Etta's death impacts the other characters and I was stunned when I heard Georgina Haig's accent! I had no idea she was an Aussie like Anna and can seemingly shed her accent with little effort. Same as Noble when he's Walter, for that matter.

Anyway, I enjoyed the episode. Favourite scenes were the one where the Observer tells Peter about the fly, and the one between Walter and Olivia regarding her need to watch the video. I really hope Olivia gets back into the action. This season, even before Etta's death, she's seemed like a background character for the most part. I want bad-ass Olivia back again! As for Peter, that final scene was a doozy. Looked like he was going to Hulk out in that last shot.
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