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Re: Surprise appearances in Keenser origin comic [SPOILERS]

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If any PAD book was affected by the change in doctors, it was probably Q-in-Law because of Richard Arnold sitting on it for so long.
Damn. That's what I get for trying to post at 2.50am. I was whizzing back and forth with Memory Beta, and trying to check dates the books would have had to have been proposed by.
It's all good.

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
I know there was an instalment of "But I Digress...", PAD's comics column, where he talked about having to switch doctors, and then having to switch back a different time. Might have been "Strike Zone" as the other book?
Either that or Rock and a Hard Place. I actually think the latter may be more likely because of when Strike Zone would have been written -- during season two. Remember that it's a continuation of PAD's Star Trek comic -- which ended during TNG season two (his last issue was cover dated October 1988, which means it would have been written about three months before that, at which point we knew that McFadden had been sacked and Muldaur was coming in) -- and the book had Pulaski in it. So Strike Zone was probably always planned to have Pulaski because she was going to be part of the series when he pitched and proposed it.

Given that, I can see Rock and a Hard Place as a book that was pitched and proposed with Pulaski and then reworked with Crusher.

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Ah, yes... "Q-in-Law" was in RA limbo for a long time, wasn't it!
Sadly, that it was.
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