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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Maybe I'm too much a stick-in-the-mud, but it seems to me that in real life, stuff usually only lights up if it, you know, it's a light. When something is high-energy enough to emit light, it's usually boxed up so tight that the light is never really seen by humans eyes. Having glowy "high energy" parts in a sci-fi setting just ratchets down the realism for me by several points. Star Trek is probably the worst offender in this regard. I look at Geordi or even Trip Tucker screwing around with something behind a panel and ask myself, "Dude, why does your screwdriver light up like that?"

I think the ship looks great and far more believable than pretty much any other sci-fi show's hero ship, but once you add the lit up ring, to my eye, it really makes the whole thing seem cheaper.


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