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Re: Surprise appearances in Keenser origin comic [SPOILERS]

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Maybe in 2016, after Star Trek XIII and JJ Abrams' people move on from Trek. Maybe.
Putting the four novels on the shelf is really not much different to the way DC Comics' team was asked to treat TNG in its latter seasons and movies: ie. specifically told not to attempt to be current, but to stay in the time frame of the previous season and/or movie. I recall this being explained in the lettercol of the day.

Prior to that, DC Comics had to do some bizarre tap-dancing to keep its TOS movie-era comics in continuity with the movies, and ditto the TNG comics coping with the switch from Crusher to Pulaski and back to Crusher. With Pocket Books, there were even a few clunkers making the ST III novelization consistent with the ST II novelization, and again with TNG for Peter David, IIRC, who twice had to scramble with a novel proposal at the last minute and change doctors, not so easy when they have such different personalities.

It's also not much different to Diane Duane's plans for her "Rihannsu" series going into what seemed like (at the time) a permanent limbo when TNG's Romulans were developed differently to her original extrapolations from TOS/TAS. But we got more stories eventually.

Perhaps JJ's team won't move away from ST? Maybe they'll take on a TV series or keep doing movies? But they will probably relax as more of their timeline is firmed up by this next movie. You know that people would have complained beyond belief if any of those four books had come out when originall scheduled, only to preempt something or create lots o new inconsistencies.

Pocket Books will be keen to recoup the money they spent on getting four novels written. Putting stories on hold is not without precedent.
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