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Re: Section 31 after DS9

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So - some proposals in this thread are to destroy S31 and create a branch of starfleet intelligence that uses the same amoral methods in pursuit of the same goals.
Same difference.

Just bring S31 into the fold - to become answerable to the democratically elected leaders of the federation (and, for all we know, it already is - that's definitely NOT something Sloan/S31 would advertise) - and you have your highly efficient espionage/black ops agency, as opposed to a bunch of rookies that don't know what they're doing.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
Not even the blackest of black ops organizations would stoop that low. be young and naive...

exactly why I keep saying in these threads about Sec. 31 that it's a silly concept. Why does it have to be a super-secret off-the-books group? It's basically just what a darker version of Starfleet Intelligence already is, so... have it be a division of Starfleet Intelligence.

This "secret organization" stuff belongs with magic decoder rings in cereal boxes.
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