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Re: TNG: The Persistence of Memory by David Mack Review Thread (Spoile

Finished it today and LOVED it. I was looking forward to this Trilogy of my favorite crew and was not disappointed.

I am not sure what to make of the whole Soong mono-log. While it provided much needed and interesting info, I was not a fan of the setup. maybe its just that I don't recall any other book having a section like that. I guess in the end though I accepted it.

I was in total shock when Chaundry was killed. A WTF moment. Prior to this I just read the signature edition of IMZADI Forever so I do feel rather sorry for Worf. He just can't catch a with his love life.

As far a Chen, I like her. Don't kill her. My 2 cents.

Now to Data. I was very happy to see him comeback in whatever form he did. I myself have accepted that fact that this is, and yet, is not my favorite character of all time in the Trek universe. I think that if he would have survived Nemisis that this may have been a normal upgrade for him. I certainly understand his decision not to return to SF as of know. Hopefully he will find what he needs and decide to later down the road.
Mr Mack: You did an excellent job in explaining how Data was brought back. NOT a cheap cop-out as what has been said here. The entire time I read it I was thinking to myself, "yeah I see that". This resurrection is entire plausible unlike another resurrection a recently read about. I am waiting ever so patiently for the next book
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