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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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Well, I'm not saying servers don't deserve to be tipped well. I'm just saying that being a server shouldn't automatically mean a tip must be forthcoming. Poor service gets a poor tip. If the server has a bad attitude along with the bad service, I give no tip. Some servers find that harsh, I find it fair.

There are people who say that if you don't have the money to tip, you don't have the money to eat out. Fine. I say if you don't have the ability to offer a reasonable level of service, you don't get a tip.
I agree, and I don't tip if the service is poor. But the example in the OP implied that the service was fine. Big difference.

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I had an annoying experience at a new restaurant near me. I'm used to some places including a 15 or so percent service charge for parties of six of more, but this one included it for everyone.
I actually wish all restaurants were like that.,,,
Yes, so do I. But since we don't, it's real annoying to have one owner of mediocre restaurants (turns out that he owns two other places that I've tried and not liked ) do it on his own and then pull an attitude when a customer politely questions it.

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If I ruled the world, or at least America, I would simply roll the cost of the tip into the food and pay waiters a decent wage.
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