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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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I've had servers get upset that I tip below what they feel they've earned. One incident was when me and a few friends had dinner at a Steak and Shake. The total, for all 4 of us, came to about $60. I tipped $5, but I didn't quite have enough to tip the extra $3 that I normally would. Still, I thought $5 was fair because aside from our initial orders, we didn't bother her the whole time we were there. On top of that, I bussed the table. I always have everyone put the plates, saucers, cups, etc., in the center of the table, and I wipe down the table as best as I can, to remove some of the work required to get the table ready for another customer.

So I paid for dinner (it was on me that night), and I walked back and put the $5 on the table. As I was walking away, I heard her say "Five dollars? What a cheap ass!"

Sometimes you get people like that. Not all servers are like that, though.
You gave less than 10% tip? Was the service bad?
The service was fair for what it was. It was late at night, we were just about the only other patrons in the restaurant, save for 2 or three other people on the other side of the room.

Also, I don't go by percentages. Higher food cost does not translate to bigger tip.
See, from my perspective, I would be spending the rest of the night wondering what I did wrong. Since there is a social convention, such a dramatic departure from it would have to mean something and someone else's idiosyncratic tendencies wouldn't cross my mind. Instead, I would normally be expecting 9-12 dollars unless I gave bad service and always hope to get more if I gave exceptional service.

Keep in mind the server would probably be there for the hour with you plus near an hour after to clean up the restaurant. For this, she is compensated $2.23 an hour. That plus your five would be 9.46 for two hours.
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