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Re: Season 2 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

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That's not true. I am in Canada, I went to see it with my boyfriend and another friend of mine. It was definitely playing in Mississauga and Toronto.

In fact, i got to see it twice... because the next week after, they were supposed to be playing an anniversary edition of Wrath of Khan, and they couldn't find the movie and ended up playing TNG S1 again. lol
Sorry, I've addressed this in other threads in more detail so perhaps I wasn't clear. 'Cineplex Odeon' carried Season 1 in Western and Central Canada because there was a distributor. We don't have Cineplex Odeon on the east coast. I'm talking about 'Empire Theaters', which is our only option on the East Coast of Canada. When I contacted Empire about carrying Season 1, they said they had no screens to carry it because of The Dark Knight taking up all of their resources...which seemed like a lame reason considering it's a one night event. When I asked them about carrying Season 2, they now say there is no distributor for Season 2 in Canada and they won't be carrying it either.
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