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Re: Picard qualified to command Enterprise?

I would suggest that, In Star Trek, the automatic court-martial in the event of a ship's destruction must not apply at war-time. There was no question that the Defiant (among others) was destroyed at no fault of Sisko as the result of the Breen energy dissipating weapon catching Starfleet by surprise. It seems foolhardy to convene dozens of courts-martial to investigate why none of the captains saw it coming, when they knew they had to focus on regrouping and coming up with a new strategy.

On the other hand, it confuses me to see everyone defending Kirk's decision to blow up the Enterprise 1701 in Search for Spock... While you're focussing on the tactical necessity of the destruction as a way of fighting against the Klingons, you seem to have forgotten he stole the ship in the first place, and wasn't on a Starfleet sanctioned mission to begin with?
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