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Re: Which Captain would you want to serve under?

^ He may be arguably approachable (though, I'd count other captains as approachable as well), but he's not the most competent. So, you might get his "help," but it might not actually be help, if you know what I mean. Still, I've got no problems with anyone picking Archer. It's a personal choice.

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It would be silly to pick a younger one though, just because the older one would have more experience and you might have less chance of dying.
Well, at least we know when the old one dies, so that's a plus on his side if you started out with TOS Kirk.
Oh yeah, everyone would be in terror as the self destruct sequence counted down on the Enterprise and you'd be sitting there thinking, nope not gonna die today.

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It has to be Sisko. Picard is a close second mind you.
Same here. Picard is a very close second for me. After that, I'd choose original Kirk.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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