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Re: Was Capt. Picard negligent to crew safety in First Contact?

Seeing how Captain Picard could "sense" the Borg in the beginning of FC , that should have been disturbing. If his implants were removed and his link was severed, he should have felt nothing. Picard did become obsessed with the Borg and did prove Starfleet command right (usually it's the admirals that are wrong). It was sad that Worf was the only officer to challenge Picard and be the voice of sanity. He still could not relieve Picard since that would be mutiny. Only the CMO could do that (Crusher). Dr. Crusher proved once and for all in this film that she was a useless medical officer. She had a duty not to be a sheep but to challenge Picard and relieve him if he was mentally unfit for command. I guess her relationship with him clouded her judgement. It was times like this which make me miss Dr. Pulaski.
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