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Re: VOTE | ENT Avatar Contest | Shuttlepod One (Corrected)

Okeday, da pollsen be closing! Mesa gonna be takin' hugen advantage of mine bombad name and avatar and be doin' dissen in da voice of Jar Jar Binks!

Firsten we be startin' off with da winner of da Episode contest, and...oh mooey-mooey, itsa me! Mesa be thankin' yousa all so muchen for dis great honor! Comin' up in da second placen was Shanndee, hugen congrats to her also!

Over in da Theme contest, da golden puppy picture be goin' to Gore-ac (us also be knowin' dem as Orac, iffen yousa not knowin' dat) with an avatar of Trip and da mostest annoying princess in da whole world stuck in da mostest tighten space of dem all! Also da runners-up bein' Miss Pumpkin (she's also bein' called Miss Lemon), it be mesa again! Cap'n Tarples gonna owe mesa huge sorries when he be hearin' 'bout dis!

And den finally wesa be comin' to da Random theme, where Zombie Redshirt (him wesa callin' R. Star) taken da victory. Beautiful and Terrible won da second prize and be enjoyin' a batch of da messy puppy kisses!

Well, dassa it for dissen contest! Mesa been wantin' to thank all of yousa for participatin'! And for our next one mesa thinkin' wesa gonna do "Da Forge," okeday? So once mesa gettin' da ENT Theme and da Random Theme, mesa gonna start da next contest!

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