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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #63: Welcome Aboard!

Eddington: Do not tell me you'll be with me in just a parsec. No jury will convict me.

Bashir: Damn! The Jem'Hadar found your father's baseball first.
Jake: Little help! Hey!
Bashir: Don't bother, Jake.
Jake: They're pretending not to hear us. Hey! We know you can hear us! You have ear holes!
Bashir: No, Jake. They don't.
Jake: But -
Bashir: Let it go, Jake. They don't like ear jokes.
Jake: Oh come on...
Bashir: The Jem'Hadar: No ear jokes, and an almost fanatical devotion to the space pope.

Dukat: Captain Sisko, ordering a subordinate officer to overload and then disengage a fusion reactor until reaching fatal levels of radiation is hardly a sporting conclusion to a simple game of musical chairs, don't you think?

Bashir: What do we tell security?
O'Brien: I don't care what you tell them. Someone put pigweed in my mulligan stew.

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