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Re: Aliens - The Other Deleted Scenes

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No, I've read the multiple versions of the script. The only time anyone died in the airlock scene was the first "Starbeast" draft - and the character there, Faust, is closest to the final film's Brett. The airlock scene was included in Alan Dean Foster's novelization (based directly on the shooting script minus the cast's adlibbed dialogue), and Lambert survived it.
It was a Ridleygram that never came to be:


The Airlock Sequence:
In this version after the Alien has trapped its appendage, causing the acid to eat through the airlock door, decompression begins. Lambert is caught full on and is sucked out through the small hole. Parker is holding on and is about to share the same fate as Lambert when Ripley saves him at the last minute. Strangely, Lambert reappears in later Ridleygrams.
Considering there was a lot of adlibbing going on I'm not surprised there were several variations of scenes turning up, like the two versions (or extended version) of Brett's 'death'.
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