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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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123. Flight (A-)

Robert Zemeckis returns to the land of live-action for the first time since 2000, while Denzel Washington takes his first non-paycheque role in a while, and shags a white woman onscreen for the first time I can recall.

This is a rare bird indeed: an adult-targeted, R-rated character drama produced by a major studio. It's also a pretty big departure from Zemeckis, who hasn't done anything R-rated in a very long time, and Washington only occasionally heads into territory like this, but in doing so he gives one of his best performances, and his best in a very long time (and I'm a big fan of the work he did in American Gangster). It's got a large cast of strong actors, including Bruce Greenwood, Don Cheadle, Tamara Tunie (who has one really dynamite scene), and John Goodman (who is prominent in the advertising but only has really three scenes, and who also appears to have borrowed his wardrobe from Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski). Kelly Reilly has the other really substantive role in the movie apart from Washington, and delivers a terrific performance. As you'd expect from Zemeckis, the technical aspects of the film are matchless.

Oh, and Nadine Velazquez looks great naked.

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Really going to try to see this movie this weekend (Maybe Monday). I've been looking forward to it for a while and it looks really really good. I'm happy for all the positive reviews.
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