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So... episode 6.

Yeah I dropped off commenting, I kept meaning to come here every week and then feeling rather bereft of anything interesting to say (although given his name and his connection to a Buddhist temple anyone get the impression Kagame was meant to be Asian at some point?), but this episode tried to mess around with the ideas of corporate responsibility, exploitation of regular citizens, and the role of the police as basically unwillingly or not propping up the corporate position.

It's not at all a subtle episode - the conversation Keira has with a colleague back in the future read like a collection of MAJOR THEMATIC BEATS - and I'm sure there are those who'd have a problem with the show's characterisation of the Occupy movement as a bunch of harmless annoyances easily manipulated into supporting the show's villains. Kind of what to have it both ways - revolution is wrong, corporations are also wrong, so the people who are right are, apparently, the cops who become socially aware.

You know you see the basic outline of this story take place in nine billion dystopia sci-fi stories. A cop who discovers that the system is screwed and then throws away their badge. Continuum feels like it's halfway that, but then emphasizes how malevolent the anti-corporatist lot are so it becoems halfway something else. I'm not sure if that's an attempt at even-handedness, because if it's an attempt to muddy the moral waters by trying to present these issues in a challenging way I don't think it particularly works.

Although Julian could use with a punch in the face.
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