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Re: "Polaris"

I know not everyone who reads this also reads the Fan Art, so you may not be aware of the progress on our titular Polaris spaceship model. If you haven't seen it lately, here she is, in the finishing stages of modeling:

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Just playing around with some lighting and self-illumination ideas.

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Or maybe this...

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Polaris is basically done. I'm really just going through and cleaning up the "trash" within the file, duplicate objects, leftover splines, etc, and reorganizing and renaming the hundreds of objects into something that makes a modicum of logical sense.

In the mean time, I'm going to post a few last WIP images from the past several days of finishing work. Just one for tonight, more tomorrow.

And here's a little extra treat, a concept sketch for the interior of the EVA Control Room. This is a WIP image and has a ways to go yet.

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Okay, I rebuilt the fubar'd interior surface of the sails, only this time I managed to do it with about 15,000 fewer polygons! Current total poly count for the entire model stands at 479,200, so it looks like I'm coming in under the half-million mark after all.

I also finished off the slots and panel lines in the trailing edges of the aft ring fins, added back the hinged panels over the forward Nielsen generators, and cleaned up and renamed about 300 objects. Tomorrow I'm going to finish off a few remaining details and see if I can't get the rest of the objects properly organized.

Without further ado, here's another batch of near-complete WIP images:

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