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Re: Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion in cash and stock.

I think the frenzy has to do with the immense assumed potential of Star Wars. It's been run by just one guy for decades, who has exploited it to the hilt in some regards (toys, books) but not in movies or TV, which have been skimpy compared with what a "rational" profit driven corporation would have done with it (and will now do with it.) The prequels did well for instance, but given the incredible box office that action fantasy blockbusters are capable of, Episode 7 could leave them all in the dust.

Star Wars is like a huge vault of of gold and gems that's been locked in some miser's vault for years, collecting dust, and suddenly he sells the whole pile and floods the market with dazzling wealth.

Star Trek isn't quite as well situated to take advantage of the huge global market for action adventure spectacle movies. At its core, Star Trek is still about ideas, and that's a bit of a drag on that mindless adrenaline rush that audiences crave. But Star Wars, wow, that's the pure shit.
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