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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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Okay, one more time: "deus ex machina" as a literary term does not mean "using gods to solve the problem." That's what it originally meant two thousand years ago. We do not live in Ancient Greece, so that is not the correct way to define the term. It means using any gratuitous plot device that comes out of nowhere to solve the problem without any prior setup in the story. If the gods were set up earlier in the story, then their involvement in the solution is not a deus ex machina.
So while the Prophets were set up from the start of the series, they weren't in the Dominion war story arc until this ep.

DEMs were used all the time, it's strange that only recently it's somehow become associated with bad storytelling. If they're done well nobody notices or even cares, Doctor Who's Pyramids Of Mars is a great example of a DEM that works and few people notice or care about.
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