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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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But I have yet to find any compelling arguments regarding the potential for success or failure, commercially speaking, of the film based on the timing of the announcement of the villain's identity.
I can't make a compelling argument for it because that's not the argument I was making.

What I was asking was how would announcing who the villain is would hurt. Not exactly the same as saying announcing who the villain is would increase profit or that it would succeed or fail based on that.

Ovation wrote: View Post
And for it to do anything close to the previous film's numbers at the box office, the vast bulk of the audience will have to be people who are unlikely to recognize any "villain" from the series. As such, telling us now or in three months is irrelevant from a marketing perspective (those who would care about the villain's identity will go see the film regardless of when they find out who it is).

This is true. I won't deny you have a point. As a counter-point on the other hand though, and going back to TDKR, who in the vast bulk of that film's audience knew who Bane was?

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