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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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Though it's not ST XI, I think not even revealing who the villain is for STID even at this late point is a bit much. We knew a lot further in advance that Bane was going to be the villain for TDKR. It wouldn't hurt anything to say if it's Khan, Gary Mitchell, or someone else. How would that impact the film making a few hundred million dollars? It doesn't. And it's not the same thing as leaking a full synopsis, a beat-by-beat treatment, or a copy of the script.
But why does Abrams have to do what everyone else does? How does not knowing have an impact on the film's potential to make a few hundred million dollars?

The film is more than six months away. And for it to do anything close to the previous film's numbers at the box office, the vast bulk of the audience will have to be people who are unlikely to recognize any "villain" from the series. As such, telling us now or in three months is irrelevant from a marketing perspective (those who would care about the villain's identity will go see the film regardless of when they find out who it is).

I understand (though I don't share) the frustrations of those who want to know now about the villain of the film. But I have yet to find any compelling arguments regarding the potential for success or failure, commercially speaking, of the film based on the timing of the announcement of the villain's identity.
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