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Re: Dexter and what he does.

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Oh, I dunno. I can't speak to Big Love, but Tony in The Sopranos never struck me as particularly sympathetic.
Tony Soprano always straddled a line between sympathetic and un-sympathetic. On the sympathetic end the Sopranos had gangsters who were just plain nastier than Tony, to levels which Tony found uncomfortable - Ralphie Cifaretto is one of the most memorably obvious examples here.

And with Big Love, the principal polygamist family are nice affluent suburbanites who are contrasted with the isolationist polygamist compound they have old ties to which has child marriages and various nasty practices while being led by a Warren Jeffs-esque Prophet, all of which they disapprove of.

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To argue any kind of morality or immorality in what he does misses the point entirely. Dexter is amoral.
Just so. To be honest I started watching Dexter because the previews made it look dryly hilarious, I was somewhat disappointed when I realised he was a serial killer who only killed other serial killers - but that decidedly detached tone of his was one of the best things about the early years of the show (over time, Dexter's monologues have gradually evolved from the dryly witty and observant to the painfully banal or condescendingly factual.)
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