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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

Since this decision, I've always been a bit split.

STar Wars is a special, in some basic, foundational way.. it looks and feels unlike anything else, and this look and feel is consistent throughout its own universe. It mixes the storytelling of fantasy with the trappings of science fiction. It was not just perfect escapism, but it spoke to the human imagination in a very basic way, and its characters truly became our modern mythology, becoming more recognizable to our culture than Odyseus and Achillies.

So, in some ways, the time period during which STar Wars was most special was during the time when there wasn't much Star Wars at all, the 16 years between episode six and episode one. It was special and we all were eager for more stories but didn't want the mythology to be cheapened, or its unique feel to come to easy. Even as a kid, I knew the tremendous lengths the filmmakers had to go through to make the films, and how they changed the everything by being so innovative in every aspect of the film.

The prospect of getting so much Star Wars, then is both good, because the universe is so rich and unique and so many good stories can be told there, but I don't want the franchise cheapened. But I think that the "new" powers that be must come to realize that there is so much meaning to this franchise. It shouldn't be a "let's slap a story together and finish the script after we start shooting" philosophy that damaged the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

So I'm hopeful, and eager to see a new take on stories set in this wondrous universe. The first post here, written years ago points out that even the OT had plot points that really don't hold up well, but that these stories were set in this unique universe really was a big part of what made them special.
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