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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

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First of all, I feel really bad for Lucas...everyone clamouring for who the next director will be and often backhanding Lucas in the process. For all the love and interest the saga is getting right now, people sure are shitting on the guy who created it.

Secondly, sometimes I wonder how people pick dream directors. That second link in the OP suggests Ridley Scott because he "understands how vast and terrifying space actually is." Does that sound like a Star Wars movie to anyone? Because it sure doesn't sound like one to me. I mean, David Fincher is my favourite director, but what has he done that would suggest he's a good fit for a Star Wars movie? Other than actually working on Jedi, that is.

Of all the directors, I'd say Frank Darabont is the perfect fit. He's worked in the Lucasfilm world. He's a fan of period cinema and is great at mimicking certain styles in a fresh and personal way. He writes and handles great characters deftly and with a sense of humour. He's not afraid to back away from "cool," and uses it when it's necessary and boldly. Finally, he has a sense of adventure and loves to explore classic genre tropes.

I agree with pretty much all of this. Darabont would be a good choice and he was in discussions with Lucas in the past so Lucas clearly trusts him. He'd be a good pick.
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