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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

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I don't believe in the idea of "if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat out", and I say that as someone who has been a server, and a busboy. I don't like the idea of "if you can't give me a tip, then you shouldn't be here".

That said, I do tip well. When it comes to eating out in a sit down restaurant (say like Applebees, or Cracker Barrel), I tip $5 for myself, and $1 for every friend with me, not counting what my friends might leave as a tip. I plan ahead for that.

When I order a pizza, the driver gets $3 if it's a small order, $5 if it's a larger order, $7 if it's a large order and it's raining, and $20 if it's any time during the week leading up to Christmas.

I've been tipped generously by small groups, and not at all by large groups (fuck you, Amway meeting. Also, fuck you Southern Baptist Church with your 20 goddamn kids). One time, a little old man tipped me 25 cents, and he patted me on the back and said I did a fine job. I thought it was adorable.
This I can well agree with. Honestly, the cook is the one responsible for the meal. I'd much prefer the one making the meal be substantially rewarded. I have little patience for a sense of entitlement from the gophers.
Well, I'm not saying servers don't deserve to be tipped well. I'm just saying that being a server shouldn't automatically mean a tip must be forthcoming. Poor service gets a poor tip. If the server has a bad attitude along with the bad service, I give no tip. Some servers find that harsh, I find it fair.

There are people who say that if you don't have the money to tip, you don't have the money to eat out. Fine. I say if you don't have the ability to offer a reasonable level of service, you don't get a tip.
I agree. I seldom tip above the standard, that's for truly exceptional service. Poor service, the gratuity falls rapidly with the dissatisfaction.
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