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Re: The tale of the 2 Picards

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this is an often-heard criticism but in my view, it's a false one. There's no "character shift." In Generations Picard first tries persuading Soran verbally to find another way. In NEM, he tries to persuade Shinzon that he can try to be better than he is and to give up his plan. In both cases, he only turns to violence after talking fails.

In FC, it's the Borg. Who are trying to take over his ship. Of course he's going to be action guy.

I'll leave INS alone for this thread, because Picard's the villain in that movie.
I have to admit, I never sat and really thought hard about his attempts to verbally settle thing and trying to get the villains to "see the light" so to speak. Good points. Actually, when I think about it, Picard did attempt to save his own crew by "taking his place willingly" at the Borg queen's side in order to let Data go, but it was more of an action Picard. Actually, I didn't mind action Picard. I really didn't and I still have a hard time understanding why others seem to have an issue with it. Maybe there's something I'm missing....
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