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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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That's a matter of opinion.
DH amde some unique comics. Marvel focused on milking the big 3.
Dark Horse plans on doing the exact same thing now with their upcoming new ongoing series simply called "Star Wars."

But one thing to take into consideration is that when Marvel had the license, the big 3 were the focus as the original trilogy was still being made at the time. It's like blaming DC Comics for milking Kirk, Spock, and McCoy when they had the original Star Trek license prior to TNG's debut.
Exactly. This was WAAAY pre-EU. Marvel's Star Wars was a movie tie-in produced at the same time as the movies. They were meant to promote the movies and their characters. I highly doubt that Lucas would have green-lighted a comic that didn't focus on the main cast at that time.
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