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Re: Impact on Star Trek as Disney reboot Star Wars.

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I believe like most others that new Trek and new Wars will mainly be a good thing for both studios, and I think they're smart enough to avoid stepping on each others toes (if Paramount learned their lesson from trying to put Nemesis up against LOTR, that is).

But, this I can see:

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(If he is right, I suggest Paramount ditch the obsessive secrecy and start giving Trek more Media exposure soon and fast)
If Paramount was savvy enough in the 70's to take Phase 2 from a TV series into a movie, I honestly think there may be some pushing by Paramount in the past few days for Abrams to start building buzz on Into Darkness.
Er, what's the rush? The new SW movie isn't for a couple of years, right? And the new Trek isn't until next summer, right?

So who cares if SW gets a little press in November since INTO DARKNESS doesn't open until May? Are people going to blow off Trek next summer to wait for the new SW movie two years later?
No, no and thrice no Sir!

The SW news wasn't a 'little press', it was huge. I work in a situation room, we have media feeds in from all over the planet and this was major news, the deal, the story, the speculation.

SW has a place in the publics consciousness, as a movie and entertainment, that Trek can't touch. I'm not talking numbers, I am talking legacy and folklore. Ask most people of a certain vintage for a stand out cinema moment and the opening scene of ANH is right up there. A cloud with 3 Klingon cruisers probably isn't.
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