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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

This is a huge disappointment to me. I bought IFM and DTI: Watching The Clock at the same time and fell in love with both books. I almost feel as if my intelligence has been questioned by whoever makes choices like this as far as character development and moving the TNG era storyline along.

IFM was a good book and a good read and one like DTI: WTC I've read more than once. I liked the crew of the Challenger a hell of alot more than the crew of Titan or Aventine. The entire novel has a very TNG and light hearted feel to it that has been missing for a while in these books. There was exploration going on, adventure, mystery and a good love story for LaForge. It was good to visit with Guinan aboard a Galaxy class ship again. The was humor and by the end of reading it I regretted not being able to read more stories with this crew, especially our Klingon test pilot Qat'qa.

I'd like to know who's smoking what at the editor's desk for these books because I want some. It sounds like some good shit if they decide this book is one to be forgotten and tossed aside while books like Titan's Typhon Pact books get a green light. Sheesh. At least if you're going to reset something or ignore it as far as a book's storyline at least pick a book that's, you know, actually a really bad book.
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