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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Big State of the Game is up. Lots of stuff there, most of which we already knew, but I just want to talk/speculate about one thing

They say that Omega Force and New Romulus are only the first two reps. So, what do y'all think will be the next?

I personally don't see too many options. Klinks/Feds, Borg, and Undine are straight out - they are the villains, barring some major shift. The only other major factions so far are the Deferi - and it seems obvious this would be in the future sometime, as they already have it set up for a lot of missions and the like - and the Cardassians, which, besides the small Cardassian campaign, are mostly ignored, even though "their" space is three sector blocks. I could actually see them being the next major focus after the Romulans.

I guess they could add the Ferengi or something - there's a lot of empty space on the galaxy map around the Deferi sector block.
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