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Re: Red Dwarf series 9 (or is it 10?) in 2012 confirmed by Craig Charl

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I have to wonder what the responses would have been like every week had this board been around in when RD started in the 80s. Yes. The 80s. The fact that the cast look good and can still make us laugh is a fucking miracle. It also says a lot about what a risk the original commissioners took with a very young cast.
The response to series one was fairly mediocre at the time wasn't it? On the series two DVD easter egg (and likely elsewhere) Ed Bye and Rob'N'Doug talk about how they suspect the show only got recommissioned at all because Michael Grade wanted to give his successor an absolute stinker (likely a theory with no basis in reality, but the fact the people making the show find it plausible shows it wasn't all that well loved when it launched).
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