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Christopher, I'm very excited to hear about this. I appreciate how thoroughly you've considered all of the questions you have.

When I first watched Enterprise, I was very intrigued and much liked it -- I think some of that was the idea that it WAS Star Trek and, like it was my crack, even the bad stuff seemed good. I quickly fell out of love and stopped watching. Recently, though, I re-watched it and, like you, changed my frame of mind. Genuinely, I think going into it and understanding that this is part of the universe and accepting it as a story that someone told (and though I may have told differently, is still the story out there), it was much better to appreciate.

I do digress with you on the fourth season, which was my favorite because of the politics (my bachelor's degree is in political science, so I at least feign a certain amount of interest in those stories). But I like how thoroughly you've considered so many of those unanswered questions -- it seems like you're story is definitely going to hit hard at those things people may have seen as "inconsistencies" (i.e. why was the Federation structure so similar to the Earth structure for Starfleet?).

Congratulations again! I haven't read a new Star Trek novel in ages, but will definitely pick this one up
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