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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

I've only seen the original movie, parts of some of the later ones, and the Abbott and Costello flick. I need to go back and study these movies more closely when I've got the chance — but in the last year I've been realizing just how many of the popular Frankenstein cliches are either mixed-up or just plain wrong. Aside from the part about how Frankenstein isn't the creature's name.

In the cliche version, you've got a mad scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who talks in a lugubrious voice, has a hunchbacked assistant named Igor, and who creates a monster who walks as though he can't bend his knees or elbows. The Victor thing I can forgive, since that was his name in the original book. The cliche of Igor is somewhat understandable if the characters of Fritz and Ygor (who I guess shows up in several later movies) have been blurred together.

Now-- my understanding is that the "Frankenstein walk" originates in one of the movies where the monster is rendered blind and has to feel his way around — is that right?

But what about the lugubrious voice, like the rendition that Bobby Pickett gives us in "The Monster Mash"? It's almost iconic, but Colin Clive's delivery isn't anything like that. Where did that come from?

What other Frankenstein cliches are all wrong?
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