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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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If it was something simple like a ship going FTL to outrun it's own LS reflection, then Warp 1 or 2 would suffice.
Only over very SHORT distances. Otherwise, you would spend several seconds or even minutes crawling toward your target at warp two while he sets up for his next jump-in-and-attack.
But all battles are over very short distances, even if you regard the knife-fight visual distances as dramatic-for-tv representations of the real thing. Even 300,000km is only one light-second. By the looks of things Trek ships use both FTL and STL sensors. Doing a warp jump straight at an enemy ship would give them at least two EM images, but a high warp jump in very close ranges in the middle of a battle wouldn't give a person enough time to make a decision, even with FTL sensors, and might confuse said FTL sensors for a very short time - which would be enough to take serious advantage of.
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