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Re: Enterprise References in new STAR TREK book, FEDERATION

Yup. Seriously excited about that. Very happy to hear Pocket Books aren't leaving ENT-era in the lurch, after seemingly curtailing the Romulan War. Delivering a couple of novels which read more like a record of events, than a personal stories for the crew. But what's done is done.

A fresh start bringing in some new characters and also being able to show how existing characters like Archer, T'Pol and Shran fitted in, once there was a Federation up and running, is a pretty appealing idea.

Sounds like a sixth live-action Star Trek series I'd have watched, had they made it.

Traumatic experiences that scarred the crew during the war, can still be fed into the story, since it's bound to be important somehow - even just giving people motives that play into behaviour around others, or basic stuff they struggle to move on from, in their daily lives.
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