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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

False Profits

VOY followed a wormhole that leads to the Alpha Quadrant and found a planet with possible replicator use/possible contact with their quadrant, so they sent Paris and Chakotay down to investigate. (I do enjoy episodes were the characters get to go out of uniform)! Chakotay and Paris want to visit a temple so they had to trade their shoes for necklaces displaying ears! (Before the Ferengi showed up in front of the temple I had actually previously wrote: “Really…Ears…I wonder if the Ferengi would sell their giant ears to make a profit there?”) Good guess!!

I am happy Tuvok brought the Prime Directive up in conversation with Janeway because removing the Ferengi false Profits seems like it would break it, but hey, Janeway can talk circles around the PD to make it fit her idea!

I love it that the “Huumanns” basically called the principal on the two “profits”, or so the two profits thought! I knew it would be Neelix in disguise! I don’t know why, but I just had a sneaking suspicion! Ferengi really make me happy. They are hysterical and always well dressed! The VOY crew basically stages a religious overthrow and makes the people think that by destroying their profits they would be helping them by fulfilling the prophecies…VOY makes it appear that the prophecy was completed, but they actually take the Ferengi, but they escape and fly off into a wormhole.

Favorite part: When Paris started chanting, “Lead them Back” and got the whole crowd to start yelling it!! Nothing like an angry mob! Especially, a religious angry mob!

Least favorite part: The ear necklaces were kind of gross!
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