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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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To those complaining about the extras... seriously!? These extras are amazing when you consider how many years ago we're talking here.
I'm psyched!
Who is complaining about the extra's? If you read properly you will see the only ire people have had is with being mislead. I too am "psyched"!
Agreed, I think everyone will agree that the VAM in Season 2 is amazing, probably the best of any Trek released yet. I think the "letdown" many people are expressing is that these other extras were really hyped up and expected to be revolutionary, but IMO deleted scenes and bloopers are a routine (even expected) addition to most DVD/Bluray releases.

That said, I'm hyped about S2 and December can't get here soon enough!
I get what you guys are saying. I guess what I mean is, to me, and considering how long ago this season was, the fact they got 13 never before seen minutes, is amazing. I just don't know what more people were realistically expecting. 3D?
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