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Aaron's wife will definitely show up again. Kripke loves his angst so he won't miss a chance to milk this for some angst.
Yep. I'm pretty sure she'll show up again with a how many years since the black-out is it, 15? So I guess a 14 year old kid as it turns out she was pregnant when he left.
i'm not sure if i saw that in the show...but that would be my guess as well.

The question is -- does she hook up with the white guy who was with them (and killed their enemies), or does she remain faithful to him , even after all these years. She seemed to be a real good woman BEFORE the blackout (i.e. not about the money)...will Aaron leaving made her bitter, or just make Aaron feel bad about how much she was in love with him. (i hope it's the latter).

That was definitely a twist for me -- as i had assumed she had died (since Aaron said he HAD a wife, in the 1st episode).

In real life -- would Aaron have survived that shot? I'll go along, as it helped Aaron be a hero, and not a bumbling idiot. (And i sympathize with his trials as revealed in the episode).

One last thought on Aaron -- he was actually a hero twice. Not just for shooting the bad guy. But also becuase of his pushing Miles (and showing the escape route), he prevented Charlie form being a murderer.
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