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Re: Star Wars Dark Horse comics disscussion and comments

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On the other hand there's the people who actually live on Mandalore who--according to TCW--appear to be trying to shake their millennia old reputation and heritage as a warrior culture in order to join the Alderanian pacifists' club.
Which, obviously, is exactly the opposite of how Traviss wrote her Mandalorians prior to the Clone Wars series, and she wrote her Mandalorians as existing during the time of that war (and even incoporating Mandalorian culture into the Republic army because Jango Fett).

My point was not a canon discussion of what Mandalorian means right now and more a reminder that it's been retconned a couple of times, and in this case because the TV series is 'more canon' than comic books or novels.
By virtue of being closer to the original source (Lucas). If previous writers had been more careful and read the stuff he had a hand in (novels and official club material), it never states that Fett was part of the mandalorians (or earlier the Imperial Shocktroopers), but always that he just wore the armor.
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