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Re: Why do the Klingons have equal technology to the Federation

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complacent Federation would basically just amount to one big civilization, which would then exist in isolation and not enjoy a particularly stimulating set of challenges or threats.
The one exception there might be in the area of military science and technology. Starfleet's ability to deploy ever outward, to employ violence in increasing advance levels, has been seen during the history of the series'.

Shields and phasers increased in power, the engines became capable of higher speeds. The photon torpedo seemed to be the same (casing at least) from TWoK throught TNG, but then came the quantum torpedo.

Whether there was a corresponding advancement in the Federation's general public is hard to point to. We know at least a few homes on Earth had replicators. But from what we saw their lives were similar to our own. The Vulcans were depicted as a traditional people in spite of a long history of possessing technology, T'Pol's mother's home wasn't "high tech." Neither was the house Kirk owned in GEN. Neither was the elder Picard brother's home.

Maybe this was the "paradise" that various characters said existed on Earth. The technology was there, but people's daily lives largely didn't submerge them in it. Instead of being something radically different, the people in the 24th century live in pastoral peacefullness.

No advancement to speak of.

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